Monday, August 17, 2009

QTP and SyncFusion Grid controls

Syncfusion grid control is a custom .net control. We can use various methods with syncfusion control to work on the grid from QTP.
e.g Grid.Object. [methods]
the methods can be pulled out from the class library located at
however to perform different keyboard operations like dbl click we need to use the below code.

Public function GridCellDBClick(row,col,Grid)
set objGrid = Grid.Object
If objGrid.RowCount <>
GridCellDBClick = False
End If
'get the cell in view by scrolling the view
objGrid.ScrollCellInView3 row,col,"dbclick"
'clear the selections
objGrid.SelectRow row
'get the current selected cell object
Set objcurrentcell= Grid.Object.CurrentCell
' move the selection to current cell

objcurrentcell.MoveTo row,col
'get the coordinates of the cell
set rect = objGrid.RangeInfoToRectangle(objcurrentcell.rangeinfo)
'double click on the cell Grid.DblClick rect.X + rect.Width/2, rect.Y + rect.Height/2
End function

Thursday, August 13, 2009

QTP Automated Testing

I am currently working with QTP Automated testing..
People generally follow a crude approach with just start to write functions without design. This type of coding finally ends in a crappy test suite which does not work after some time. hence the approach should be well formed and designed, this design is called framework.

Automation Framework in qtp are mainly modular, data driven,keyword driven and hybrid.
Modular is just modularizing your code into different functions.
Data driven is the input are driven by the data.
Keyword driven is writing keywords which will drive your code.
keywords are generally a common english words which are used to call a chunck of code.
e.g. you write keywords in excel file which will drive your or call the specific functions in the code.
now keywords can be written at very low level like "Click_on_button" or at application business level like Login,create_message, verify_message etc..
people ususally use a mixture of keyword and data driven approach which is also called as a hybrid framework.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

All my scrap

Huh..... finally i had found a place where i can dump all my scrap. thanks to my htc vox S710 and opera browser this is from where i created this blog and ofcourse with help of crap idea gprs network connectivity....god knows when these guys will work on their network connectivity....
Anyways here we go....!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

About Me

Ritesh Bawaskar
Cognizant technology services.

HTC vox s710

I replaced my Nokia 7610 with a HTC vox s710. After getting the handset most of the things were clear to me. One is the operating system, there are two different versions of Microsoft windows mobile 6.0 available.
1. Smartphone edition
2. Pocket pc edition

Smart phone edition is without the start menu. usually comes with the cellphones without touch screen. and the same is avaliable with HTC s710.

Pocket PC edition is which comes with the start menu and for cell phones with touch screen.

Overall performance was pretty okay but the cell is very delicate (or my use is very rough..).
The next day i got the cell and carried it to the trek at Rajgadh.It almost got wet and its navigation buttons stopped working. Although the navigations started working after couple of days.
It takes lot of time to get habituated from the navigation of nokia to htc.
what i liked most in this phone is the GPRS EDGE whch is preety faster and WiFi..I tried connecting it in MCD and pizza hut and works preety good :). I wis if i could have carried this to toronto...!!
The default applications which comes with the phone does not have exit button. it remains in memory and slows down the system...we have to kill those applications using task manager..its really a crap when you use the camera and you cannot exit the application and it continues running occupying all the memory.
I tried installing various plugins and homescreens. unfortunately after uninstalling the windows cleared the start menu :-(.
now i am planning to hardboot the system and install new ROM. But still havent gathered that guts :)..
there are very few freewares available as its a windows mobile operating system.There were tons of them for symbian :)
Installing application with symbian was very easy using the nokia pc suite. windows mobile we have to connect it using activesync and then install it. this also took time to get habituated..!!
The sound and video quality are preety good.although i didn't used much of it.
The screen gets scratched easily and also the buttons start loosing the silver color...!! i think HTC should work on making the body of cell phone more sturdy..
here is a very good link available for htc vox..